Justhost Coupons 2015

Justhost Coupons 2015 – find all the latest justhost coupons and promotional codes of the year. Use these justhost coupon codes to reduce your cost of webhosting by 50% or more.

Choosing the right web host company is critical to your success online whether you want to host an ecommerce, standard informational website, an online brochure, or a large company website. There are lots of web hosting companies across the world, but some are just better than others because of the rich hosting features they offer and world-class services they provide. Just Host is one of the most reliable, professional, and affordable web hosting companies in the world that has many rich features. Just Host features are designed to make hosting any website as simple as possible at a very competitive price. Today, Just Host has emerged as one the most popular and reliable web hosting service providers in the web hosting industry when it comes to professional and affordable web hosting solution for businesses and individuals across the world.


Just Host Features Overview

Just Host provides complete web hosting solution to business owner or individual who desires having a website with full functionality on small budget. Just Host offers a wide range of rich features. The most basic Just Host features include:

· Unlimited GBs Hosting Space
· Free Domain Name Registration
· Free Instant Setup
· Unlimited Email Accounts
· Unlimited Data (File) Transfer
· Free Site Builders
· Unlimited Domain Hosting
· Free 24/7 Phone Support
· Free 24/7 Technical Support
· Affordable web hosting

Here are some of the best Just Host features explained to help you make an informed decision:

Free Domain Registration

Just Host gives you a free domain name registration for 1 year with their Just plan or you can transfer your existing domain for free.

Unlimited Hosting

Just Host gives you the ability to host unlimited domains on the same server in your cPanel. You can handle all your websites from just one place. This is a great feature if you want to host more than one website


Uptime guarantee and reliability are among the top Just Host features that ensure site downtime does not occur and sites hosted with them load fast.

Uptime Guarantee

Just Host provides outstanding uptime guarantee for clients’ websites by hosting their websites on high performance servers within a secure and reliable hosting environment. Just Host performs 24/7 network monitoring which includes monitoring all its servers and uptime of clients’ websites.

Affordable Web hosting

Just Host offers one of the most competitive prices available in the industry for all its hosting plans. All plans are incredibly competitive and include a wide range of features, such as unlimited disk space, unlimited file transfers, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited domain hosting. Just Host web hosting is the right choice for your individual or business needs.

Customer Support

Top notch customer service reflects the credibility and reputation of a web hosting company. Just Host provides world-class customer support ensuring their satisfied customers and potential customers can reach them when they need any help with. Customers can contact them through phone, live chat and email.


Hosting your website with Just Host is simple and straightforward. Just Host offers a unique and user-friendly cPanel to manage your website easily with a minimum of or even no technical knowledge. Simple order form, a variety of contact methods, free site builders, choice of shopping cart, PayPal integration, etc features have been created and included to make hosting your website as simple as possible.

Justhost Coupons

Money-Back Guarantee

All hosting plans offered by Just Host come with an anytime money-back guarantee. They have a very simple cancellation policy. If you cancel your hosting plan, Just Host will provide you with a refund for the remainder of the term. The money-back guarantee excludes any setup fees that were charged when you registered for a hosting plan and any domain registration fees you paid, as Just Host incurs costs for these services. If you are charged fees for the domain name, you get to keep the domain name.

A Final Note

Just Host offers a wide variety of rich web hosting features which are critical to ensure your success. Just Host has been providing top-class professional and reliable webhosting services to hundreds of thousands of fully satisfied clients all over the world. If you are looking for a web hosting company that has a lot of necessary and advanced features and is fairly affordable, then Just Host can provide you with a fast, reliable and professional web hosting experience.


IPage Coupons 2015

IPage Coupons 2015 – Information about the latest IPage Webhosting Coupons and Discounts of the year 2015.

No one can deny the fact that the internet remains as one of the greatest inventions that ever happened to mankind. It has continued to evolve as one of the most important resource centers for anyone with the urge to quench their thirst for knowledge. You can get virtually any information on the internet and service providers have continued to revolutionize the internet experience through the creation of easy-to-navigate and straight-forward websites. In an attempt to attract customers to their sites, service providers are launching their websites on a daily basis with unique features. But one may ponder about the skyrocketing amount of websites going live now and then bearing in mind the huge costs involved in setting them up.


IPage Coupon Code

Building websites has evolved so much of late; it is a notch higher compared to decades ago. With a few tools, both experienced and novices can create their websites as well as their online properties. This is made possible with iPage Webhosting website builder. The following discussion will enlighten you on how to setup a website using iPage but first is a sneak preview of what iPage is all about.

For those who are well versed with web hosting, they are already accustomed to iPage. Ipage ranks high up in the radar of the most popular and renowned webhosting companies. It has an over-a-decade experience in offering very attractive and feature-loaded hosting plans coupled with dedicated and virtual hosting at very attractive rates. It is the best deal for top-notch quality webhosting services and has a user rating of 5/5, the more reason you should employ it for all your website building and hosting needs.

Setting up a website using iPage

Ipage employs a free website builder which makes it easier even for newbies to create their websites. Currently, it employs a website builder application better known as Weebly Drag and Drop which is readily available and accessible on iPage. This saves the user the trouble of having to download, upload to user’s hosting account and finally installing it. Furthermore, it available at no cost and hence saves the user money.

The following are the steps involved:
� Click on Weebly Drag and Drop Builder on the main control panel
� Addition of the website domain name
� After step 2, you are automatically redirected to a fresh page where you commence the process of setting up your website. Simply hit the �Edit Website’ button and commence the process.
� Select a per-made design template that best suits your needs. There is a template gallery that has an array of designs to choose from. You can customize it to your preferences using the drag and drop option. Here, you are open to change colors as well as customized the design layout.
� The fifth step is to drag and drop the elements of design that you intend to use. Add slideshows, gallery, texts, Google Maps plugin, contact form, etc.
� Add as many pages as you want and configure them appropriately. The basic iPage package allows addition of up to 6 packages but upgrading to the premium option ensures addition of as many pages as you wish.
� The last step is to publish the website and do performance testing. If it works as intended, it is ready to go live.

Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon Code 2015

Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon Code 2015 – Get a FREE Month of Hostgator Webhosting with coupon code: HGBAYOU1CENT.

About Hostgator Coupon Codes:

Hostgator is undoubtedly the top web hosting company in the world and everyone has been on the rush to get Hostgator’s premium hosting services the cheapest they can. This is the sole reason that on Google, ‘Hostgator Coupons‘ is one of the top searched terms. So, what is in those coupons that people cannot rest until they find?

The best offer so far is the Free 1 Month Coupon that you get when you first check out hostgator. The only thing you will have to do is to enter the coupon code (HGBAYOU1CENT) and click validate. You will see the total on at the bottom of the page reducing by $9.94. Practically, this is what happens when you enter any other Hostgator coupon code out there.

1 Cent Hostgator Coupon

The other code you get by default is the 20% off coupon. Finding the code itself should not stress you at all since this is filled by Hostgator automatically when you want to check out.

To take complete advantage of the offers, shop around thoroughly and make sure that you have picked the correct coupon for your case.

Depending on the order you are making, the fixed amount coupons and the percentage based codes can be chose accordingly. Here is a simple guide.

Percentage vs fixed amount coupons:
Say you are making a $20 order, which is normally the case for people who have checked the register new domain and a Hatching plan hosting options, and you want to enjoy the best discount, since you can only choose one coupon, going with the fixed amount Hostgator coupons can be the better option. Do this simple math: if you use the $9 off coupon, your order will cost you just $11. If you were to decide to go with the percentage, however attractive the 30% off is, 30% of $20 is just $6 and you will have to pay the remaining $14.

On the other hand, if your order, for example, exceeds $40, going with the 30% will mean that you will only have to pay approximately two thirds of the total amount, whereby the fixed $9 discount will just be negligible.

The trick is to be smart when choosing the coupon codes to use by performing these simple calculations every time you are supposed to choose between two seemingly equal offers since by now you should know that only one of the various Hostgator coupons can be used per checkout.

If you are in a dilemma, go with the default Hostgator filled coupon instead and you should be comfortable with their decent offers.

Why You Should Choose Hostgator as Your Hosting Company

Hostgator, apart from giving you the great discounts on the orders you make, has a special offer for those people who want to host many websites. The Baby option allows you to create unlimited emails for the domains you have, unlimited number of domains to host and get unlimited bandwidth. All these services can be yours for as little as $6 per month if you were to pay for a 2 year hosting contract.

Furthermore, there is a live chat button and a responsive, tech savvy customer support team always delighted to handle your queries and sort out your issues with website management.